Poser, or Ready For A Night On The Town In My Own exhibition catalogue

Nakagin Capsule Tower Proposal 2020 zine

Untitled 26x40in Print (a1-5)

Untitled 26x40in Print (b1-5)

Untitled 26x40in Print (c1-5)

Quarantine Fever Dream zine SOLD OUT

Crown Royal Chess Club Classical Compilation cassette tape

The New York Times Fanzine

Satanicum Tenebrae - Til Helvete Remix, Op.2 cassette tape

Audio Walking Tour of Penn Station ft. Nathaniel Matthews as Dante Alighieri microcassette SOLD OUT

Untitled (Photographs From 9th Grade) zine SOLD OUT

Interview With Gary Oldman About Alan Clarke's "The Firm" zine SOLD OUT

Original Music Op.1 cassette tape SOLD OUT

Here Comes Johnny Reggae (revised 2019) booklet SOLD OUT

Strange Music cassette tape